Young Families’ Guide to G&T

FasTracKids NY young families' guide to gift & talented FasTracKids NY young families' guide to gift & talented FasTracKids NY young families' guide to gift & talented FasTracKids NY young families' guide to gift & talented FasTracKids NY young families' guide to gift & talented

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Young Families Guide to Getting into NYC’s Gifted & Talented Programs.

As many of you already know, FasTracKids has been a leader since 2003 in preparing young children in NYC to get accepted into the best public and private schools.
We have had an amazing track record over the past 10 years!

Our educational enrichment programs help accelerate your child’s learning and places them at the top tier of New York City’s bright kids list.

Our unique 3 step process for helping children get accepted is the most comprehensive system in NYC hands down!

The process begins and ends with our FasTracKids Core “Gifted & Talented Development” Program.

Step 1- FasTracKids G&T Enrichment (The Most Important!)

Children come to our FasTracKids Core Program, 1 time per week for 2-hours, starting at Age 3 – 3.5 and focus on developing the key traits and characteristics of Gifted & Talented Children.

This program developed by famed Dr. Johann DeBeer’s, develops: Expanded Vocabulary (Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Approach, Aka:12 enrichment subjects), Concentration Skills, Communication Skills (Videotaped Speaking Opportunities), Leadership Skills (Shy kids don’t do well on these types of tests), Critical Thinking, and Problem Solving Skills.

FasTracKids will help your child develop their confidence and concentration to tackle any problem head on, while expanding their verbal & critical thinking skills.

FasTracKids will also further your child’s concentration skills so they can ace any test!

Step 2 – G&T Test Prep (The step nobody wants to miss!)

This is the step that nobody seems to want to miss, although they tend to skip over step 1 (most of the time, a Very Big Mistake!).

NYC G&T & ERB Test Prep for 4 to 5 year olds.

This is when we go over examples of what will be on the actual test. This is a very useful step, especially for those children who are already performing at a Gifted & Talented Level (85-90% of our FasTracKids Core Students can perform at this level!) but need the extra boost (Aka: a few extra points on the exam so they can qualify for citywide or to get that 98 or 99%).

You see, as all of you already know, if a child is a poor student and is lacking in fundamental skills, test prep will not solve the problem and help you ace the test.

Test Prep however will help you get a few extra points and boost your score.

Our 16 session course covers all areas which are tested on the OLSAT & NNAT®2

Step 3 – Academic Enrichment

Starting at age 4, your child can start our Enopi/Eye Level Math & Critical Thinking Program. Enopi’s Comprehensive critical thinking program covers at least 2/3 of the disciplines tested in both the ERB as well as the OLSAT, NNAT®2, and much later on the SAT’s.

We also teach Reading, Writing, and Reading Comprehension.

Eye-Level, is available all year round!


Here is one example of what one mom who listened to my advice was able to achieve:

Mrs. Angela Wong – Brooklyn Mother

Hi Franco,

Thank you for sending me the e-mail. Just want to let you know that my son Isaak who starts the fasttrack program last year at 3 passed the G&T test with an overall score of 99 percentile and 99 percentile on each of the individual OLSAT and Bracken test as well. He also got a 99 x 3 percentile on the private school ERB test. He got accepted to a private school in Manhattan with a grant that covers almost 20% of the $40K/per year tuition. I would like to ask for your professional opinion, do you think we should go for the private sector or go for the 5 citywide G&T school (The Brooklyn School of Inquiry)? Any opinion is greatly appreciated.

PS. I lost Marie’s e-mail, can you please pass on this great news to her.


HI Franco,

Thanks again for keeping me posted on your school news. Just want to let you know that Isaak got accepted to NEST+M already. We decided to go for the Citywide G&T school and gave up the 80% grant from the private school (correction on your post below, it is not 20% grant but 80%). Isaak is very happy with the school as they keep a very small class size and his class is so fortunate to have 3 teachers (1 head teacher and 2 teacher aids). Thanks again for the guidance and recommendation.


and there are many, many more!