Hunter College High School Extrance Exam Test Prep

Prepare your child for the Hunter High School Entrance Exam

We know Hunter High School exam is difficult and admissions are competitive. Our Hunter High School entrance exam test prep teachers are equipped with the most up-to-date preparation materials publicly available. Our flexible academic learning environment gives your child an edge over students who prep at other preparation schools.

About our Hunter High School Entrance Exam Test Prep

hunter high school entrance exam test prep nyc

It starts with our teachers. We stand by their commitment to educating children to their highest potential. When you enroll with us, you are on the path to unlocking your child’s gifted potential. When students are applying to gifted & talented high schools, they need all the academic support they can get. Our learning centers provide that support.

Ensure that your child is formally prepared for this high school entrance exam. This program helps your child understand all the material that is covered on this challenging exam. Successful completion of the assessment guarantees admission to Hunter College High School. A school that is considered a level above many high schools in the New York City metropolitan area. The assessment is given to see if students are able to write an excellent original composition, understand complex and multi-step mathematical problems, and have the ability to answer questions from difficult reading passages.

The Hunter High School entrance exam is given to 6th grade students in the first week of January. The test contains three sections. The English Language Arts section consists of 50 multiple choice questions. The English Language Arts section has critical reading passages that the student has to understand, and answer questions on. The mathematics section consists of 30 multiple choice questions. These questions go through topics such as estimation, computation with fractions and decimals, area of shaded regions, visual and numerical pattern recognition, and many other categories. It also includes multi-step problems that go beyond common core. The Writing component of the exam consists of either an essay or a creative writing piece. Student should demonstrate originality, effectiveness, and understanding of proper grammar and writing procedures.

Our program includes a diagnostic exam given to test your child’s mastery of the material, extensive practice with writing essays, analyzing and correctly answer questions from reading passages, and mastering techniques to solve many math related questions. The course would be schedule 1-2 times per week.

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