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Franco Verdino FasTracKids 2016

Franco Verdino

Franco Verdino, the regional director of FasTracKids and Eye-Level, holds a BBA from Baruch College in Finance & Marketing and has been named Top Licensee of the year with Enopi (now Eye-Level) in 2009, 2010 and 2011.  Franco takes great pride in watching his Staten Island students grow confident and succeeded! He has seen lots of amazing things happen with his students over the past 16 years of being an educational director and looks forward everyday to help children reach their full potential!


585 North Gannon Ave.
Staten Island, NY 10314

Willowbrook, Staten Island Tutoring & Test Prep Services

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Class Schedule

Monday | Closed
Tuesday | 3pm – 7pm | Math and English Tutoring & Enrichment
Wednesday | 3pm – 7pm | Math and English Tutoring & Enrichment
Thursday | Closed
Friday | 3pm – 7pm | Math and English Tutoring & Enrichment
Saturday | 9am-4pm | Math and English Tutoring & Enrichment
Sunday | Closed

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What People Are Saying About Staten Island Willowbrook FasTracKids

My daughter attends this center. It is always clean, warm and welcoming. The staff places every child on a high pedestal. Each child receives an outstanding amount of attention. This center brings out the best in all of the children.