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Ryan Drucker

Ryan Drucker is the Assistant Regional Director for FasTracKids & Eye Level of NY, and currently serves as the center director for Eye Level Willowbrook.  He holds a B.S. in marketing from Florida State University, where he concentrated in Professional Sales.

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Ryan has been with FasTracKids & Eye Level for almost eight years, beginning as a classroom assistant in 2011.  He moved up the ranks from teacher, to Assistant Director, and then Center Director.  He went on to help open up the Willowbrook and Charleston centers, and later pioneered the acquisition and renovation of the East Village center.  He now oversees the entire region of centers, providing marketing, HR, and operations support.
In addition to helping the children of NYC reach their full potential, Ryan is also passionate about fitness and traveling, and spends his spare time weightlifting, running, or seeking new adventures.


585 North Gannon Ave.
Staten Island, NY 10314

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Class Schedule

Monday | Closed
Tuesday | 3pm – 7pm | Math and English Tutoring & Enrichment
Wednesday | 3pm – 7pm | Math and English Tutoring & Enrichment
Thursday | Closed
Friday | 3pm – 7pm | Math and English Tutoring & Enrichment
Saturday | 9am-4pm | Math and English Tutoring & Enrichment
Sunday | Closed

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What People Are Saying About Staten Island Willowbrook FasTracKids

My daughter attends this center. It is always clean, warm and welcoming. The staff places every child on a high pedestal. Each child receives an outstanding amount of attention. This center brings out the best in all of the children.