FasTracKids STE(A)M


FOR AGES 5 – 10
Where students will learn to:

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Develop confidence in STEAM skills, like problem solving, experimentation, and creativity.

microscope STEAM


Identify how to share findings with others and how STEAM professionals make global contributions.

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Create & Test

Create and test prototypes inspired by STEAM innovations.


STE(A)M is the evolution of STEM education. STE(A)M is the same as STEM with “art” added in. This class lets children explore different topics in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

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Benefits of our STE(A)M Class

Explore & Develop Your Child’s Gifts & Talents

Tap Into Your Child’s Natural Curiosity

Expand Socialization Skills

Learn Basic Problem Solving & Experimentation Skills

Children Will Explore The Following STE(A)M Topics

Future Doctors

In this class we will explore the mysterious world of Human Anatomy. Discover the complex world of the brain, spinal cord, senses, and neurons.

Young Entrepreneur

Become the next entrepreneur! The course is designed to expose the interested student to many functions of modern business using analytical and problem-solving skills. Topics such as business environment, management, marketing, accounting, and data processing are discussed in an introductory manner. If you’re thinking about starting your own business in the future, this is the right course for you! You will learn everything from how to develop proven marketing techniques to traditional and nontraditional financing options.

Architects and Structural Engineers

Ever wonder why skyscrapers can be so tall or why bridges can handle the weight of so many cars? Let’s explore together! Through hands‐on activities, you will experiment with and illustrate shapes, forms, and forces used in building the world around us. Be prepared to bring your own ideas as we lay the foundation for our budding architects, engineers, and scientists!

Painters and Clay Masters

Are you a Van Gogh or a Picasso? Whatever your style, find your inner artist through this extension of Painting Techniques by exploring the history of art through the evolution. You will complete painted works modeled after the style(s) of your choice. You will be sculpting with clay and learning about clay art in other cultures. Your masterpieces may include pottery, figurines, and other items of your choice. Guidance will be provided by an experienced artist.

Chemical Engineers

Are you fascinated by how coke and Mentos can create eruption? This chemical engineering classes introduce you to fundamental concepts of solids, liquids, and gases. You will investigate the properties of several crazy concoctions and make your own samples of bubbles, play dough, flub, and more!

Robotics Engineers Building with Cubelets

Cubelets are a way to introduce children of all ages to robotics, coding, and design thinking. Winner ofthe Learning® Magazine 2018 Teachers’ ChoiceSM Award for the Classroom. Cubelets are an expandablesystem of robot blocks.

Aviation and Flying Engineers

Calling all pilots and astronauts! You will explore the science and engineering principles that allow humans to fly. Enjoy a fun and challenging introduction to aviation, including airplane parts, control surfaces, angles, weight and balance, the metric system, careers, and the history of flight. You will use your design and engineering skills to build things that really fly!

Electrical Engineer

Do you love taking things apart and putting them back together? Explore the basic principles of electronics using resources such as Snap Circuits. You will work in groups and individually on challenging electronics activities that promote problem solving, collaboration, communication, and the engineering design process.

Food Scientist

Why do onions make you cry? Do you see your kitchen as your lab? Work collaboratively and individually to explore the chemical reactions necessary for us to enjoy our food. Discover at the molecular level what occurs when dough expands or a sauce thickens.

Locations Offering STE(A)M

Brooklyn: Park Slope | Dyker Heights | Williamsburg | Sheepshead Bay

Staten Island:  Grasmere | Charleston

Manhattan: East Village

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