FasTracKids Jr. STEAM Preschool Enrichment


What is FasTracKids Junior STEAM Preschool Enrichment?

FasTracKids Junior STEAM Preschool Enrichment class is the first step to acing the NYC Gifted & Talented Entrance Exam. The class is based on the belief that most children are potentially gifted if fed the proper intellectual and creative stimulation early-on.

The FasTracKids Junior STEAM Preschool Enrichment class is designed to stimulate the mental development of potentially gifted 3 – 5 year old children. It is a unique experience for children and complements preschool, home school, kindergarten and first grade programs. For 2 hours a week, this fast-paced, fun and fully interactive class captivates and entertains as it delivers truly meaningful lessons.


Learn about STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, art, math).

Our goals are to prepare children for school and life, develop creative thinking and problem solving skills, teach speaking and communication skills through videotaped exercises, teach the application and transfer of knowledge, promote leadership and personal growth and encourage a lifelong love of learning.

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Our Junior STEAM Preschool Enrichment Class (aka G&T 101) is the best way to prepare your child for the OLSAT section of the gifted & talented entrance exam. 

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Topics Covered

Biology gifted & talented test prep


In this session, children discover the wonders of plant, animal and human life. Virtual trips to The Amazon, Sahara and Antarctica also allow them to learn about unique ecosystems. 

Technology - Gifted & Talented test prep subjects

Technology &
How Things Works

Examination of transportation, electrical and computer technologies. This helps children discover what makes everyday items work.

teamwork goals and life lessons - gifted & talented test prep nyc

Goals & Life Lessons

Children learn about teamwork as they explore how to set and reach goals. Through role-play activities, they examine feelings, positive solutions to peer pressure and rules of safety.

math - gifted and talented test subjects


Children count items as part of games and art activities. They compare geometric shapes, units of measurement, clocks and time.

natural science - gifted and talented subject nyc

Natural Science

Children count items as part of games and art activities. They compare geometric shapes, units of measurement, clocks and time.

communication - gifted and talented test subject nyc brooklyn


Children explore different tools of communication and information exchange that have been used throughout history. Role-play and optional videotaped activities also give children the opportunity to demonstrate their new skills.

creativity - gifted & talented exam subject


Creativity in such areas as music, art and dance are fostered through interactive computer lessons, stories and activities. Children also learn about cultural differences in creative expression around the world.

geology - gifted & talented exam subject

Earth Sciences

The Earth reveals its wonder and variety as children explore climate, geology and forces of nature. Computer activities and games allow children to take imaginary world journeys to examine the composition of the Earth from its surface to its core.

astronomy - gifted & talented subjects


Children explore spatial and abstract thinking as they learn about space travel, the sun, moon and planets. “Virtual” trips through space allow them to learn about such concepts as gravity and weightlessness. 

literature & reading - gifted and talented exam subjects nyc


Children learn about different writing styles and emotional expression as they examine literature from around the world. Through role-play activities, they discover how to separate fact from opinion, and how to express ideas with enthusiasm.

speech, drama, art - gifted & talented subjects nyc

Speech, Drama & Art

Through exploration of the performing arts, children learn how to communicate their own unique ideas.

economics - gifted & talented test prep subject nyc


Business becomes real as children examine products from around the world. They participate in an imaginary research survey and create a marketing strategy that helps them see the impact of economics on their daily lives. 

Why does my child need FasTracKids Junior STEAM Preschool Enrichment?

This class has so much to offer to each and every child that it should be mandatory for all of our children!

FasTracKids can do three very unique things for your child!

  1. Raise a child’s I.Q. – up to 30 points.
  2. FasTracKids’ enhancement of your child’s growth in education, assertiveness, critical- thinking, and communication skills compliments their schooling perfectly!
  3. With FasTracKids, the transition into a highly successful public or private school education is virtually guaranteed for your child.

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How do we do it?

We know that 80% of brain development is complete by age 8, 50% by age 5. This is the crucial window of opportunity for maximum cognitive development in all human beings. Our research based programs are based on “educational zigzagging” in which subject matter is addressed in many different ways. Our interactive whiteboard Learning Station combined with hands on experiments and projects creates a multi-sensory learning experience which has been proven to improve a child’s learning capability.


FasTracKids Junior STEAM Preschool Enrichment is a fun-filled learning adventure for your child! With multi-sensory learning techniques and interactive technology, FasTracKids develops key learning skills such as critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration with the goal to prepare the whole child for school and for life.

Specifically designed for children between the ages 2 through 6, FasTracKids encourages creativity and brain development by taking advantage of your child’s most productive intellectual years.

FasTracKids STEAM Class increases vocabulary as well as social behavior 100% – 150% faster than peers, while school performance improves 1-2 grades.


  • FasTracKids’ enhancement of your child’s growth in education and communication skills complements your child’s schooling perfectly!
  • With FasTracKids, the transition into a highly successful public or private school education is virtually guaranteed for your child!

How do we know it works?

Independent research by Wellesley College found that children enrolled in FasTracKids increased their expressive and receptive vocabularies as well as social skills such as cooperation, leadership, responsibility, empathy and self-control at a rate 100% to 150% faster than their peers not enrolled in FasTracKids. School-aged children in the study improved a minimum of one grade; some as much as two grades!

FasTracKids centers are in over 50 countries and our programs are taught in over 15 languages.

Over 93% of our graduates over the past 10 years, who start the program at age 3 years old, get accepted into NYC gifted & talented programs each year.  Over half of these children are accepted into city-wide programs!

Further reading: Research by Wellesley College

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