Handwriting Class

Seeking to improve your child’s handwriting skills? Look no further than our handwriting class. Most children these days don’t learn proper handwriting skills. Cursive isn’t taught in school anymore, so how do kids learn how to sign their name? We believe handwriting in an integral part of contributing to society. We incorporate handwriting into several of our classes, but also offer it as a stand alone class.

Handwriting Class for Kids

We teach the popular Handwriting Without Tears program. Our families consistently see positive results. Whether your child already knows basic skills or needs to learn from the very beginning, we can help. Sign up for a free trial class at one of our 12 locations around the city.

Handwriting Class
handwriting without tears

Handwriting Class Locations in NYC

Our FasTracKids learning centers are dedicated to serving your NYC metropolitan area. Click below to learn more about our specific locations.

Manhattan – Upper East Side Learning Center | Manhattan – Upper West Side Learning Center | Manhattan – East Village

Brooklyn – Williamsburg Learning Center | Brooklyn – Park Slope Learning Center | Brooklyn – Sheepshead Bay Learning Center | Brooklyn – Bay Ridge Learning Center

Queens – Rego Park Learning Center  | Queens – Fresh Meadows Learning Center

Staten Island – Grasmere Learning Center | Staten Island – Willowbrook Learning Center | Staten Island – Charleston Learning Center