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For over a decade, we’ve been a leading provider of comprehensive tutoring services across multiple subjects in the Brooklyn and Staten Island areas of New York City. Our homework help club creates a secure, judgement-free environment for children to voice their questions and concerns. Without the pressure from peers, children can freely express their academic challenges, which is crucial to navigating through their homework assignments successfully.

Our approach ensures your child goes back to school with renewed confidence, fostering greater achievement and long-term success in their classroom experiences.

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Why Does Our Homework Help Club Work?

We recognize that each child has unique homework assignments, requiring personalized attention. Our proficient teachers provide individualized assistance to each student in our homework help club. We meticulously review your child’s homework assignments and guide them towards completion, ultimately enabling them to excel in their studies. This focused approach has cemented our reputation as a go-to resource for homework help in Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Manhattan.

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Give Your Child The Boost They Need

At our Homework Help Club, we prioritize tackling the most challenging assignments first. Over the course of a month, we’ve observed that majority of students develop the ability to complete their two toughest tasks of the day. However, we understand that each child is unique and some may require more time to hone their focus and organizational abilities.

We believe in making the most of the time spent at the club, hence, we dedicate it to addressing the most complex assignments. The simpler tasks can be easily managed at home, giving your child a sense of accomplishment.

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Expert Homework Help Tutors In NYC

We’re fully committed to aiding your child in achieving and surpassing their academic goals. Our tutoring services include homework assistance in the subject your child is enrolled in, adding value to our Math, English, or Reading and Writing tutoring programs.

Our tutoring initiatives offer an excellent platform for your child to tackle assignments that pose challenges. Our tutors are not just dedicated to your child’s success but also ensure to:

  • Provide support during crucial after-school hours
  • Guide your child through difficult homework assignments
  • Impart valuable skills that contribute to their classroom success
  • Foster improved study habits in your child

Every skill your child acquires is met with instant feedback and recognition. We offer homework help at our enrichment centers located in Brooklyn and Staten Island New York. Our Homework Help / Math & English Enrichment Program is conducted in a small group setting, ensuring personalized attention to every student.

Homework Help F.A.Q

How Much Will My Child Complete at Homework Help Club?

Within a month, most students learn to complete that day’s two hardest assignments – but some kids need longer to build the necessary focus and organization skills. We’ll leave the easiest assignments to do at home. The time spent in homework help club will be dedicated to the most difficult assignments.  Once they learn to complete the hardest work, they will breeze past the easier work. Most of the difficult assignments come from the Math & English (aka Reading & Writing) so we’ll get those out of the way first. If your child needs additional tutoring help, we recommend enrolling in our dedicated math tutoring or reading & writing tutoring enrichment programs.

Tutors check homework but students are responsible for all corrections. We teach students how to spot and correct their own mistakes, so in time they can become independent and resourceful learners. We don’t do it for them – we empower kids to do it on their own!

Higher grades are a reflection of the time and dedication a child puts in to their work. The old saying “You can lead a horse to water…” applies here. We can show children the way to better grades, but they must take the reigns of their academic studies if they want to improve their grades. Our homework help club runs year-round. If you enroll and see improvement, then see a drop, we recommend to re-enroll to give your child a chance to catch up and figure out what went wrong so they can correct it moving forward. All children are different and learn and grow at different speeds. The only standard we hold our students to is doing their absolute best.

Our teachers and tutors are successful University Graduates and cleared by DOJ/FBI background checks. Our directors monitor the teachers weekly to ensure quality of services administered. Our trained teachers provide top of the line instruction and homework help at a fraction of the cost of other tutoring agencies. Most of our teachers also hold positions or are studying for careers in psychology, higher education, special education or academics.

Yes, of course! After each session the teacher will sit with you and discuss what your child learned or accomplished that day. We provide progress reports for all of our tutoring & enrichment programs. It is important for parents to know what is going on as they are the eyes and ears when the child is doing homework at home. Parents may ask for a progress report by email or calling their specific neighborhood learning center.

Our homework help club program varies between 3:1 and 5:1.