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What is TACHS exam prep? What does it take to ace the NYC TACHS?  Here at FasTracKids, we’ve been answering those questions for over 12 years. 

TACHS stands for: Test for Admission to Catholic High School. It simply takes focus and preparation for your child to ace their test. 

Our classrooms provide an environment where your child can remain focused. Our teachers have proven track records and our students love to report back and tell us their high scores. Your child can achieve the same high scores when you enroll in our TACHS prep program. 
TACHS test prep in brooklyn nyc staten island queens

Our Staten Island, Manhattan & Brooklyn programs have open enrollment, so call us to get started today! (347) 983-2229 or email info@ftkny.com

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    TACHS Test Prep in Staten Island, Manhattan & Brooklyn

    For catholic high schools within the Archdiocese of New York, the “Test for Admission into Catholic High School,” or “TACHS,” exam is used in part to determine admission.  

    The range of scores that schools look for varies, and some schools place more weight on the TACHS exam than others.  Generally speaking, more competitive schools place more weight on your test score.  The TACHS exam can also help you gain admissions into honors programs and scholarship programs within the high school.  

    TACHS test prep nyc brooklyn queens staten island

    About The TACHS Exam Questions

    The TACHS is made up of 200 multiple choice questions divided into four subjects: reading, written expression, mathematics, and reasoning ability.  Each section is 30-40 minutes in length.  While there are no official breaks, proctors generally take a pause between subjects to allow students to prepare for the next subject.  The content of the test is explained in further detail below.


    Vocabulary & Reading Comprehension

    Written Expression

    Grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, organization, clarity, error identification


    Number sense, operations, algebra, patterns, data analysis, probability, statistics, geometry, measurement

    Reasoning Ability

    Spatial and figural senses, problem solving skills, abstract reasoning, similarities and changes, patterns

    TACHS Test Prep Locations


    Upper East Side

    Staten Island


    Why is Our Program Better Than DIY TACHS Test Prep?

    Our TACHS test prep program has one hour and two hour weekly options with affordable monthly payment plans.  Our program is taught individually, with a 3:1 maximum ratio.  We take an individualized approach, assessing our students at the beginning of the program to identify areas of study that require extra attention.  Our program has open enrollment, so call us to get started today!

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