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The best route to prepare your child for admission into NYC gifted & talented schools.

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Students that follow the Gifted & Talented Readiness Roadmap see 5% – 7% higher scores on the gifted and talented entrance exam. That 5% – 7% can mean the difference between acceptance into your ideal school or not.

Step One:
2 Years old

Tots or Explorers

Children engage in songs, movement, art and other fun hands-on activities. Help your young learner develop skills that will give them a strong foundation for preschool, formal school and life. Held 3-5 times weekly.

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NYC’s first gifted & talented program for 3-4 year olds. The first step towards acing the NYC Gifted & Talented Entrance Exam.

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Step Three:
4 Years old

G&T 102 Gifted & Talented Test Prep

NYC’s first preparation course available to children in the NYC area. Held once or twice a week.

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Once your child is accepted into a gifted and talented school or program,  our tutoring and enrichment courses will ensure they excel in their school or program.

Our Math program provides students with the confidence and comprehensive knowledge to meet the changing standards and feel comfortable solving, speaking about and reading math problems! Our Reading & Writing programs guide students toward mastery of reading & writing.

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