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We offer a world renowned educational and affordable preschool program in Grasmere and Charleston.

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Grasmere – 718-351-7333
141 Evergreen Ave. Staten Island, NY 10305

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Staten Island Preschool Programs

Our child-centered Staten Island preschool programs provide a solid foundation for future academic growth in preschool aged children. FasTracKids Preschool programs utilizes an exciting, interactive program with a focus on creativity, communication, confidence, critical thinking and collaboration.

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2 – 3 1/2 years old pre school tots program

Preschool Ages 2-3

Isn’t it wonderful how young children have so much curiosity? Our toddler program allows children 2 – 3 1/2 years old to constructively develop their curiosity as well as their communication, concentration, self esteem and social skills. Children participate in our early learning classes using songs, movement, and hands-on activities one hour per week. FasTrack® Tots prepares children for pre-school and gives them a seamless transition into the FasTracKids® signature program.

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Preschool Ages 2.5-3

The preschool experience sets the stage for your child’s attitude towards school. The best first school experience for your child is through FasTrack®Explorers. Our proven method of delivering a firm foundation for learning is available as a multi-day preschool program. Our FasTrack Explorers’ curriculum for 2-4 year olds will provide your child an interactive, traditional and digital learning experience blended with opportunities to collaborate with teachers and peers. Better than universal pre-k in Staten Island!

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Discoverers - educational Preschool in dyker heights powered by fastrackids

Preschool Ages 3-4

FasTrack®Discoverers is a multi-day program and subject-based curriculum. This class combined with the FasTracKids® G&T 101: Gifted & Talented program and other developmentally appropriate activities, children 3 – 4 years old will noticeably improve their communication and language skills. Children are also introduced to activities that improve handwriting, literacy, phonics, math and music knowledge – all while having fun. This program runs three hours a day, 3 – 5 days a week. A great choice for 3 year old school programs.

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fastrackids advanced discoverers educational preschool

advanced discoverers staten island preschools

Preschool Ages 4-5

The path to discovery in this enhanced FasTrack® Discoverers program consists of a mixed, teacher-led curriculum along with focused FasTrack® Math and FasTrack®Language Arts lessons. An interactive, multi-day program for children 3-5 years old indulges their natural curiosity while growing math and language arts skills.

FasTrack® Advanced Discoverers focuses on the development of creativity, communication, confidence, critical thinking and collaboration skills for older toddlers through an exciting, teacher led interactive program. Part of the program is dedicated to growing a student’s knowledge of both mathematical and language arts subjects. Students receive one math and one language arts workbook each month, creating a more intentional approach in their knowledge of those subjects.

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What makes our Staten Island preschool unique?

How do we stand out from other Staten Island preschools?

Choosing a preschool with a philosophy will set the foundation for your child’s first school experience. When you enter Staten Island Preschool powered by FasTracKids our philosophy is to help students discover their own abilities and potential to learn inside a classroom focused on an interactive education. At preschool powered by FasTracKids, we work closely with parents to create a specific approach to setting goals for your child. There is a plan and routine for every day. We offer a combination of play-based learning and structured activities. This allows your child to choose their activities based on their interests. During play-based activities our teachers interact and encourage the kids to play, facilitating social skills. This also helps your child learn valuable life-skills like cooperation & collaboration.

For our older preschoolers, FasTracKids Discoverers offers an academic program which is teacher-directed. In our classrooms, a teacher leads the children in a more structured curriculum, closer to a traditional classroom. Classroom time is devoted to learning letters and sounds, writing via “Handwriting Without Tears,” and distinguishing shapes and colors. We’ll also read books to stimulate conversation and comprehension on different themes each week.

Preschool Curriculum Features

  • STE(A)M Focused: Science, technology, engineering, art, math
  • Play-Based: We believe that at learning should be cleverly disguised as fun
  • Focus on academic enrichment: Our program is a great fit for Staten Island preschool children that need more individualized attention to hone their abilities
  • “Handwriting Without Tears”, multi-sensory curriculum designed to develop early writing skills
  • Experienced, certified teachers: Our staff of teachers have taught at top-notch preschools and hold Master’s degrees in early childhood education
  • Small class size: 5:1 ratio maximum!
  • Visible improvement: Track your child’s progress right before your eyes! Our parents’ waiting areas are equipped with TVs that have live video feed from the classroom cameras.  In addition, after each class, the teaches will verbally update you on your child’s progress and quarterly will submit a written report.
  • Academically focused: Develops foundation skills that pertain to the OLSAT/NNAT, Stanford-Binet, or ERB admissions exams. Develops early reading/writing and math skills.
  • Technology Integrated: Interactive touch-screen Smartboard Technology
  • “Zig-zagging”: teaching method to accommodate different learning styles
  • Theme-Based: Unique monthly study subjects for well-rounded education

Technology in Class

Our theme lessons at are projected onto a smart board presenting an animated interactive lesson just long enough to gain their interest and curiosity. These lessons stimulate interest in language immersion, focus, creativity, having them think and learning how to use their imagination.

Parents gain insight into observing their child on a secure site. They can observe the classroom, and their daily function in our waiting room or via computer. Parents have the ability to watch Fastrackids professional teachers handle various situations and gain a greater understanding and enjoyment of their own children through watching their child thrive in a cooperative, stimulating environment. Children participate in a small supervised play and learning experience.

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grasmere fastrackids preschool waiting room

What you see here is our parent viewing area – exclusively available at FasTracKids centers. Our parents’ waiting area is equipped with TVs that have live video feed from the classroom cameras.

Staten Island Preschool Daily Flow

Tuesday – Friday from 9:00am – 12:00pm

9:00am – 9:30am

Math & English Enrichment
Advanced Discoverers Only

9:30am – 10:00am

Handwriting Without Tears
Early literacy
Critical Thinking
Problem Solving

Discoverers Only

10:00am – 10:30am

Circle time

10:30am – 11:00am

Fun Academics
and arithmetic

11:00am – 11:15am

Snack Time

11:15am – 11:30am

Reading Together

11:30am – 11:50pm

Move to Music & Fun Themed Arts

11:50am – 12:00pm

Goodbye Friends

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At Staten Island Preschool…

…our teacher are educated, dedicated, committed and nurturing.

Our licensed and certified teachers give their all to our preschoolers. Our teachers are always learning and improving their skills in an effort to further enrich your child’s life and early education experience. Interested in being a teacher in Staten Island? We’re taking applications.

Charleston Preschool Teachers

Mrs. Carla & Miss Katelynn

Staten Island Preschool Reviews | Parent Stories

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Maxwell’s Story: Why My Son Knows So Much in School

Maxwell received a letter home from school yesterday basically congratulation Maxwell on finishing first level work in reading and that he would be working with a teacher going forward on second grade work. So last night I told Maxwell how proud I was of him and all his hard work. This morning Maxwell climbed in my bed to snuggle and said “Mom, do you know why I know so much at school?” I said why and he responded “It’s because I go to FasTracKids”!

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Vanessa: Proud Mother of a FasTracKids Family

We sent our daughter at age 4 for the gifted and talented kindergarten prep course. I wanted to make sure our daughter was prepared to be alone with another adult and focus and answer questions. The faculty was amazing, brand new and bright. The staff was wonderful and they even had a screen to watch from the lobby what she was working on in the room. After each visit we were sent home with suggested areas to focus on. Our daughter was fortunate enough to score 99 on the exam and is now in a wonderful G&T program that she loves.

We were so impressed with this program and the teacher, Daisy, that we are now signing up our son for the 3 year old Explorer program in the Fall of 2014 as his first educational experience. I can’t speak highly enough about the staff and recommend considering them for any of their programs.

Classroom Gallery

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Staten Island Preschool Locations

Grasmere – 718-351-7333

141 Evergreen Ave Staten Island, NY 10305
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