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Expert tutors that focus on fundamentals and your child’s individual needs.

FTKny.com provides affordable tutors, test prep programs and specialized enrichment programs for students in grades Pre-K through 8th in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan & Queens. Every day we help parents answer common questions like:

  • How do I help my child excel math?
  • How do I help my child excel in reading and writing?
  • How do I help my child get ahead in school?

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    4th Grade Science Test Prep

    Individualized Tutoring Services

    No two students are the same. We recognize that and address your child’s specific tutoring needs. We develop customized tutoring programs that include proprietary enrichment workbooks, homework help, fun learning activities and individualized attention during each and every tutoring session. Our tutoring sessions run almost every day but vary between locations. 

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    Tutor Success Stories

    Math Tutors

    Our math tutors work with two components, a basic thinking component and a critical thinking component. We provide students with the confidence and comprehensive knowledge to meet the changing standards and feel comfortable solving, speaking about and reading math problems! Common Core aligned.

    Visit the Math Tutoring page

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    Reading & Writing Tutors

    Our reading & writing tutors guide students towards mastering reading, writing, speaking, and understanding. Our diverse strategies and content motivate students, nurture study habits and develop language skills so your child can become a lifelong reader.

    Visit the Reading & Writing Tutors page

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    Homework Help

    All of our tutoring services offer homework help in the subject your child is enrolled in. This is an added benefit to enrolling your child in one of our Math, English or reading and writing tutoring programs.

    Visit the Homework Help Club page

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    We offer many fun and academic tutoring programs that will help your child excel in school and make friends at the same time.

    Whats the difference between us and private tutor?

    We give each child individual attention and instruction. We also have a structured curriculum which allows for parents to see real progress in their child’s performance over time. Most private tutors don’t offer that. Instead, they offer a glorified homework help. Our program helps children not only catch up if they are behind but also the opportunity to study well ahead of their grade level. This makes school easier, more fun and so  they won’t need tutors forever! They’ll be able to do their own work in school independently and successfully.

    In school, large class sizes and standardized curriculum that doesn’t work for everyone leads to many children falling through the cracks. To help your child succeed, you can supplement their regular school with our customized program. They will receive maximum attention to build and master fundamental academic skills. To truly succeed at a high level, they need to be ahead of their grade level and that is what our expert tutors and math, reading & writing programs provide.

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    What kind of tutor is right for my child?

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    If you child needs help with reading and/or writing…

    We recommend our Reading & Writing Tutoring & Enrichment program for young readers and writers. In this program your child will explore the English language through grammar activities, short stories, practice writing essays, collaborating with other students and read new material not taught in school. We’ll also help your child with any homework assigned by their English, Reading or Writing teachers.

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    If your child needs help with math…

    Our Math tutors are a great choice for the curious young mathematician. Our math program helps children get comfortable with their school work, prepare them for standardized and specialized tests, and excel in their academics. Our expert math tutors take each child’s individual needs into consideration when preparing their customized tutoring program. Our math tutoring program is part of a franchise that is available in over 50 countries.

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    If you child needs help with homework…

    Our homework help tutoring program is available to all families that enroll in any of our tutoring or test prep services. We’ll help your child with problem areas in their homework. Along the way, they’ll learn how to address the issue next time. Also, check out our homework help club!

    Can you give my child an academic assessment?

    If you don’t know exactly how to help your child, you’re not alone. Our free placement evaluation is the perfect way to determine the best tutoring program for your child. This free 1/2-1 hour assessment will help our tutors determine which tutoring program is most beneficial.

    What kind of tutors are available in my neighborhood?

    Tutoring Locations

    Our tutors are dedicated to serving your neighborhood. Click below to learn more about our specific locations.

    Will the tutoring programs fit into our family’s schedule?

    Most centers run classes from 3pm – 7pm during the week and most of the weekend.

    Some centers are closed one or two days a week. Contact your center directly for operating hours.

    Can I afford it?

    We offer payment plans for our tuition. We are competitive yet affordable. We’re New York City school specialists and were the first in the city to offer a complete gifted & talented test prep course

    Tuition varies by location. Contact your local enrichment center for exact tuition costs. 

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