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Our approach to preschool combines the popular Montessori philosophy with other progressive early learning philosophies and technology.

What IS Montessori?

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Maria Montessori

Montessori is just one aspect of learning at of our preschools powered by FasTracKids. Montessori is an early learning philosophy pioneered by Maria Montessori based on her research of children’s natural eagerness to learn and independence. Our preschool programs share many values with Montessori, such as mixed age classrooms, freedom of movement and our own specially developed materials. Our preschool teachers encourage children to learn and explore on their own, just like Montessori teachers. Our programs are designed to unlock your child’s potential. We strive to unlock the potential in all children. The future of our world depends on the education of our children.

“We agree with the Montessori approach that children should be in charge of their own learning. Instructors follow the learning journey of the student instead of dictating what the student should learn. Our belief is similar to the Montessori approach that the classroom is centered around the child, not centered around the adult in the classroom.”

Read the full article about FasTracKids’ philosophy by Dr. Mekwunye on Vanguard.

The FasTracKids Five C’s Advantage

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Critical Thinking

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Building core concepts skills at a young age is essential. With studies showing that about one third of children’s intellectual skills will be developed by age six, it is important to increase your young child’s exposure to a variety of experiences. Our Montessori-style preschool classes do just that. We also employ gradual separation techniques to prepare children for school. 

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We believe that play is essential for a child.  However, learning trough play or as we call it “Learning Cleverly Disguised as Fun” will ensure your child has the tools he/she needs to be successful in the classroom.


Free Trial Class

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The Complete Preschool Powered By FasTracKids Philosophy

Our philosophy combines many early learning approaches with use of technology to create the best environment possible for young children.  While we align with most of Montesorri’s principles, additionally, we believe collaboration, communication and socialization are very important elements for young children. Children work in teams and collaborate on experiments, problem-solving puzzles and dramatizations. This differs from Montessori’s independent and individual approach. Want to try it out? Schedule a free trial class.

Our NYC preschool program draws from the world’s top four children’s education and research psychologists.


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Dr Mel Levine

America’s top child psychologist. Professor of Pediatrics University of North Carolina School of Medicine, director of clinical research centers of learning and development.

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Dr. Eric Jensen

Founder of the “Learning Brain Expo”; the American Academy of Neurology and a member of the New York Academy of Sciences; professor at New York Medical College.

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Dr. Benjamin Bloom

Professor, University of Chicago; contemporary American educator and psychologist; smart growth very rapidly in early childhood development, and early development of the environment in this area may also have a great impact.

Dr. Howard Gardner

Dr. Howard Gardner

World-renowned developmental psychologist, “theory of multiple intelligences,” founder. Human beings have made a complete smart “spectrum”, there are many different ways of thinking. “Every child is a potential of gifted children, but has been expressed in different forms.”

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A Message From our Founder, Franco Verdino

Many families ask me why is it important to enrich their child’s preschool and kindergarten education with FasTracKids when they already go to a regular preschool and or kindergarten.

I respond by explaining FasTracKids is a unique enrichment experience that complements their child’s regular schooling by concentration on developmental areas that most if not all preschools do not focus on.

This is why some of the best preschools and Montessori schools here in the United States and abroad have decided to offer FasTracKids Enrichment as part of their enrichment program offerings.

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Classroom Features

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Hands-On Labs

video recording documents your child's progress

Video Recorded Classroom Activities

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Role Playing / Dramatizations

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Our Exclusive
Educational Zigzagging teaching technique
ensures program effectiveness and your child’s happiness.


Our Montessori Preschools in NYC

All of our locations offer our Montessori-style preschool program.

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