Mark Twain / I.S. 239 Entrance Exam Test Prep

Prepare your child for the Mark Twain Entrance Exam (aka I.S 239 Exam)

Mark Twain I.S. 239 is a gifted and talented school. They’ve developed their own admissions test to qualify children for enrollment. Ensure your child understands the material by enrolling in our specialized Mark Twain Entrance Exam test prep program, taught by one of our qualified instructors. Successful completion of the exam ensures a spot in the prestigious Brooklyn Intermediate School. The assessment asks students to demonstrate knowledge of science, logic-based questions related to technology. The exam also asks for an understanding of mathematics that goes beyond common core and mastery of composition writing and reading comprehension. Since I.S. 239 IS a Gifted & Talented school, in addition to the Mark Twain test prep program, we encourage you to visit our Gifted & Talented Roadmap

What’s on the Mark Twain Entrance Exam?

The Mark Twain Entrance Exam consists of multiple parts. The computer and mathematics portion is made up of 50 multiple choice questions, so half of the questions are complex, multi-step mathematical problems, puzzles, and logical questions. The other half of the questions ask applicants to demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Basic computer skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Internet fluency
  • Knowledge of current technological issues.

Mark Twain’s creative writing and journalism portion of the exam contains two parts. Part one consists of 40 multiple choice questions on a variety of topics including reading comprehension, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary. After that, part two consists writing an essay (choice of two topics) that will be evaluated based on:

  • Idea development
  • Organization
  • Word choice
  • Punctuation
  • Originality

Our Mark Twain Test Prep program includes understanding the fundamentals of mathematics and English and a supplemental component of creative writing and complex mathematics problem solving. The course would be schedule 1-2 times per week.   

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