Summer STE(A)M Adventure 2023

Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan

For Kids Ages 2-14

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A Summer Camp Experience Like No Other

Summer is an opportunity to continue your child’s learning during a time when they are the most relaxed. It is widely documented that without structured learning, children are likely to lose 1 to 3 months of reading and math skills over summer vacation This is commonly referred to as the “summer slide.” Cure the Summer Slide with our suite of summer enrichment camps.

Our Summer STE(A)M Adventure Camps

Our STEAM Summer Camps Have Fun Weekly Topics That Inspire Young Minds!

Children will explore weekly STE(A)M-based adventures, interact with our SmartBoard Learning Station, engage in role play, do arts and crafts, conduct experiments, improve their math and literacy skills and have lots of free play time with their friends! Read more and apply.

A mini-sized version of our Summer STE(A)M Academy. Fun and learning in ways unique to our FasTracKids summer camp curriculum. Read more and apply.

**Exciting News for 2023!**

Our Summer Academic Boot Camp just got even better. Now, we offer an afternoon camp from 4-7, allowing even more students to benefit from our skill-based math and reading and writing program.

Our program provides individualized instruction based on each child’s academic level to improve their mental math abilities, critical thinking skills, reading comprehension, and writing ability.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to give your child the skills they need to succeed. Check out our website now to learn more and apply.

Educational preschool powered by FasTracKids. These programs are based on several of the world’s top early childhood educators and philosophies. Read more and apply.

Cure the Summer Brain Drain and keep your child sharp for the new year. Summer Tutoring & Enrichment runs two to four hours a week and can be added on to any camp package. Read more and apply.

AKA G&T 102. Give your child a head-start on getting into a gifted & talented school. We were the first to offer a comprehensive gifted & talented test prep course to the NYC area. Read more and apply.

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Camp Week Descriptions

Week 1

Through exploration of the performing arts, children learn how to communicate their own unique ideas.

Week 2

Are you a Van Gogh or a Picasso? Whatever your style, find your inner artist through this extension of Painting Techniques by exploring the history of art through the evolution. You will complete painted works modeled after the style(s) of your choice. You will be sculpting with clay and learning about clay art in other cultures. Your masterpieces may include pottery, figurines, and other items of your choice. Guidance will be provided by an experienced artist.

Week 3

Kids will learn how marine biologists help protect our oceans and sea animals. From cleaning up an oil spill to tracking sea turtles, they get to experience how marine biologists positively impact marine life.

Week 4

Earth Science/Volcanoes – The Earth reveals its wonder and variety as children explore climate, geology and forces of nature. Computer activities and games allow children to take imaginary world journeys to examine the composition of the Earth from its surface to its core.

Week 5

Why do onions make you cry? Do you see your kitchen as your lab? Work collaboratively and individually to explore the chemical reactions necessary for us to enjoy our food. Discover at the molecular level what occurs when dough expands or a sauce thickens.

Week 6

Your child will meet Dr. Dino, a paleontologist who will guide the students as they explore the land of dinosaurs with his friend Terrance, the flying reptile. Kids get to dig in the dirt to experience how paleontologists make fossil discoveries and learn about the world of the past. Don’t miss the FasTracKids Dinosaur Museum, which will showcase your child’s projects!

Week 7

Learn about circuits, lightning, batteries, conductors and all kinds of interesting electricity topics. Electricity plays an important role in everyday life.  Students will learn more about static electricity, electric, circuits, lightning, electric shock, volts, amps and much more. The students will learn energy being produced such as water power, renewable and non renewable energy. They will learn about mechanical energy that replaced humans and animals.  They will be making a water wheel, and a turbine.  Identifying what objects are a conductor and an insulator.  They will be building a simple circuit to a light bulb, also a circuit with an on/off switch to a buzzer.

Week 8

Calling all sleuths! There’s a mystery brewing at FasTracKids and we need your help to solve it. Children hunt for clues and learn forensic science behind detective work.  Young Sherlock Homes will put it to the test to solve an elaborate mystery. Hunt for clues, finger prints, send Morse code messages and then, detective notebook in hand, document your deductions. Finally, puzzle out what the all evidence means to solve the mystery.

Week 9

Our young scientists will  learn the differences between architects and structural engineers.  They will experiment with different materials and methods to construct, as well as break down, buildings! Also will learn about why we build bridges as well as how to construct their own using a variety of materials. Afterwards, they’ll test to see who can develop the strongest bridge! Campers will have fun learning about a variety of structures and what keeps them strong and safe including zip lines and sandcastles. Lastly, they will experiments with using different classroom materials to build their own furniture!