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G&T101 improves language and communication skills

Ignite Your Child's Imagination with Our Exceptional NYC Preschool Programs

Available in Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhattan.

With studies showing that about one third of children’s intellectual skills will be developed by age six, it is important to increase your young child’s exposure to a variety of experiences. Our preschool classes do just that. We also employ gradual separation techniques to prepare children for school. 

Building core concepts skills at preschool age is essential.

We believe that play is essential for a child.  However, learning trough play or as we call it “Learning Cleverly Disguised as Fun” will ensure your child has the tools he/she needs to be successful in the classroom. 


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Frequently asked questions

How do you deal with discipline ie. hitting, biting, pushing?

A zero-tolerance policy is followed in all scenarios involving hitting or biting. Parents of both children are immediately contacted and such behavior is promptly addressed. In instances of mild aggression, the child is put on a 1-2 minute break, and the rule (ex.”no pushing”), is reiterated to the child both at the start of the break and at the end of the break. Parents will be informed any time a child is put on a break. Repeated instances may be escalated to further action.

While all parties (teachers and parents/caregivers) must share the goal of helping the child achieve independent learning, the parent/caregiver may stay with the child for as long as necessary. The parent plays a passive role in the learning environment and interacts with the child minimally, allowing the teachers to engage the child in class activities and to begin to create a student-teacher bond with the child.

Students are expected to participate without their parents/caregivers for the full length of program.

All children at FasTracKids have two choices: they may choose to participate in the activity at hand, or to watch. Both choices are positive choices

No, we provide a comfortable facility so that the caregiver or parent can change the child’s diaper.

Adhering to a nut-free policy, learning centers are sensitive to the needs of children with food allergies, and takes great care in handling such situations. You will have the opportunity to specify your child’s allergies prior to the start of your child’s school year or semester.

Carefully designed drop-off and pick-up procedures assure clear communication between the teachers and the parents. Students are released one-by-one at the end of the school day to the adult specified on the morning sign-in sheet.

We take great pride in providing an exceptionally clean facility for our students. All classroom toys, gym equipment, and every surface in our facility are cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis.

We take great pride in providing an exceptionally clean facility for our students. All classroom toys, gym equipment, and every surface in our facility are cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis.


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What makes our preschool classes unique?

  • STE(A)M Focused
  • Play-Based: We believe that at learning should be disguised as fun
  • Gifted & Talented Readiness Develops a foundation of skills that pertain to the OLSAT/NNAT, Stanford-Binet, or ERB admissions exams. Develops early reading/writing and math skills.
  • Focus on academic enrichment: Our program is a great fit for gifted children that need more individualized attention to hone their abilities
  • “Handwriting Without Tears”, multi-sensory curriculum designed to develop early writing skills
  • Experienced, certified teachers: Our staff of teachers have taught at top-notch preschools and hold Master’s degrees in early childhood education
  • Small class size: 5:1 ratio maximum!
  • Visible improvement: Track your child’s progress right before your eyes! Our parents’ waiting areas are equipped with TVs that have live video feed from the classroom cameras.  In addition, after each class, the teaches will verbally update you on your child’s progress and quarterly will submit a written report.
  • Technology Integrated: Interactive touch-screen Smartboard Technology
  • “Zig-zagging”: teaching method to accommodate different learning styles
  • Theme-Based: Unique monthly study subjects for well-rounded education