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Join Franco, Veronica and David. Start Your New Business!

Since 1998, FasTracKids has been helping both budding and experienced entrepreneurs learn if the FasTracKids opportunity is a good fit for their skills, experience and desired lifestyles.

If you are searching for an engaging learning experience that sets your school apart, FasTracKids offers unique programs that make learning fun!

Fill out this form and our NYC tutoring franchise developer will begin a conversation with you.

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    1. An introductory conversation – Getting to know each other.

    At FasTracKids, we’re in the relationship business and that starts with you getting to know us. The first step is a conversation with a FasTracKids representative by phone or Skype so that we can introduce ourselves to one another. We’re interested in your background, your goals and your experience. We can then focus our subsequent conversations to provide you with the information you need about FasTracKids.

    2. Program presentation – Explaining our purpose, mission and programs.

    Given mutual interest, our next step is a presentation where we will provide you information about the purpose and mission of FasTracKids and give you an overview of our program portfolio. We also will show a sample of one of our FasTracKids lessons so you understand not only how we deliver our programs, but also why we use multi-sensory learning approach.

    3. Interview – Presenting your qualifications.

    At FasTracKids, we want to make sure that the business is a good fit for your skills and experience. Our next conversation is where you will present your qualifications (and those of your partners, if applicable) to FasTracKids.

    4. Business Presentation – Reviewing the programs.

    At the end of this presentation you will understand more about the programs we offer and learn how, as a FasTracKids franchisee, you can use them effectively in your classrooms.

    5. Franchise Agreement review – Explaining the business in contractual terms.

    We will provide you with a disclosure document which includes financial information and business models, as well as the Franchise Agreement which contains the terms and conditions that apply to your franchise. You will want to review these documents in detail and we will have conversations to answer any questions that you may have. This is part of your preparation for the Initial Training.

    6. Initial Training – Learning what it is like to operate a FasTracKids business.

    FasTracKids offers a unique opportunity to attend a day-and-a-half of Initial Training before your final decision is made. During this time, you will receive information on how to market and operate the business. At the end of this initial training we will make the final decision together whether to move forward with awarding the franchise. If the answer is yes, you will sign the agreement and finish the remainder of the Operations training. If the answer is no, we will part friends.


    One of the most important skills for the 21st century is lifelong learning and that starts with building a joy of learning within our children. FasTracKids International is part of the world’s need for educational solutions that create better prepared children. Given the globally recognized need for innovation, creativity, language and analytical skills in our future generations, FasTracKids is clearly part of a solution to address this need. FasTracKids offers a full range of programs for early childhood education as well as optional programs in English-as-a-foreign –language (EFL). FasTracKids programs use interactive curriculum and a multisensory experience for students in a classroom setting. By developing better-prepared, more effective learners, FasTracKids has a direct impact on children, families and communities around the globe.

    Read more about the FasTracKids curriculum From its start in 1998, FasTracKids has had an international focus. Our first franchisees were located around the world in Australia, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, the United States, and Venezuela. Our first program offerings were in English and Spanish. Today, FasTracKids centers and schools can be found in over 47 countries and its programs are translated in 19 languages.

    Business Advantages
    • Teacher-led programs for children as young as 6-months-old up to 8-years-old that build cognitive, emotional and social skills. • Range of offerings designed to optimize classroom usage, attract a wide market and maximize your revenues. • Opportunity designed for participation in a growing children’s educational business sector.

    Research-Proven Results

    Take two children from similar environments and backgrounds – one attended the FasTracKids program, the other did not. In just six months, the FasTracKids student shows significant, measurable improvement in skills directly correlated to learning success in both school and non-school environments.

    “Findings of this study illustrate the important link between FasTracKids’ curriculum and children’s performances in vocabulary and social skills,” say Dr. Georgia Hall, study director of Wellesley College’s National Institute of Out-of-School time. “The study suggests that the program’s innovative approach works.”

    “This study backs up what parents and teachers around the world have been telling us for years: FasTracKids changes kids’ lives dramatically in ways that other programs have not,” says Nancy Faunce, President and CEO. “We continually hear how children participating in FasTracKids learn to creatively solve problems, master challenges and demonstrate leadership behaviors within the classroom, at home and on the playground. All of these skills are invaluable throughout one’s life.”



    FasTracKids Signing

    FasTrack® Signing – The FasTrack signing classroom creates an early communication environment that gives infants ages 6 months – 2 years the ability to communicate even before they can speak. This program is designed for infants and toddlers between the ages of 6 months – 2 years as well as their parents and/or caregivers. For one hour per week, the FasTrack Signing classroom is filled with songs, rhymes, music and movement that build the young child’s conceptual understanding, memory, and vocabulary. FasTrack Signing is a great way to introduce your FasTracKids business to young families in your community.

    FasTracKids Explorers - A preschool alternative

    FasTrack® Explorers – Making the most of every minute of the childhood experience is at the core of the multi-day Explorers classroom. FasTrack Explorers encourages children to seek and find answers to their questions by participating in a fun, multi-day adventure. Children 2 – 4 years old experience a mixture of hands-on activities focused on communication, public-speaking, literacy and math skills. Designed in a modular fashion, children can attend the three-hour FasTrack Explorers class for one-day, two-days, three-days or five-days per week. In this multi-day offering, children receive an interactive and balanced early education.

    FasTracKids music

    In FasTrack® Music children ages 2 years – 4 years move, sing, pretend and share their love for music. As children engage in the music program one hour per week, they improve their memory, cognitive development, learning skills and their ability to express emotion. This early learning program is based upon the award-winning ABC Music & Me™ curriculum and its classes include songs, stories, and instrument ensembles to nurture a child’s creativity. There is no need for a professional music instructor because the standardized curriculum provides music and movement direction, allowing any adult to facilitate the class. In countries where English is not the primarily language, FasTrack Music is an enjoyable way to expose children to the English language through rhymes and songs.

    FasTracKids tots

    FasTrack® Tots – Our young learner program allows children 2 – 3 ½ years old to be constructively curious by developing their communication, concentration, self-esteem and social skills. For one hour per week, children participate in FasTrack Tots using songs, movement, interactive white board exercises and hands-on activities, giving them the necessary preparation for pre-school and kindergarten. FasTrack Tots is often bundled with FasTrack Music and gives children a seamless transition into the FasTracKids program.

    FasTracKids discoverers

    FasTrack® Discoverers – Children 3 – 5 years old improve their communication and language skills by participating in FasTrack Discoverers activities that improve literacy, phonics, math and music while having fun. This preschool curriculum focuses on the skills children need to be prepared for school success. Aligned with Common Core Standards, the FasTrack Discoverers program utilizes an Observation Checklist to assure standard growth and development in students. Designed in a modular fashion, children can attend the three-hour FasTrack Discoverers class for one-day, two-days, three-days or five-days per week. In this multi-day offering, children receive an interactive and balanced early education.

    FasTracKids - Advanced Music

    FasTrack® Music – The advanced FasTrack Music program for 4 – 6 year olds is focused on preparing children for formal music lessons while still having a fun, positive experience. Children are introduced to composers, songs and musical styles such as classical and jazz while learning music theory, instruments and music vocabulary. Children also learn basic keyboarding techniques. These lessons provide a solid foundation for music education and lifelong appreciation of music and movement.

    FasTracKids Fundamentals / Core

    FasTrack® Fundamentals – Teaching children how to learn and to love to learn is the single most important skill for our ever-changing world. The FasTrack® Fundamentals program teaches children 3 – 8 years old to use creativity, communication, confidence, collaboration and critical thinking skills through fun, interactive activities. Using a proprietary curriculum designed specifically for the use on the interactive white board, children in FasTrack® Fundamentals explore 12 subjects ranging from the sciences and arts, as well as life skills such as goal-setting. Aligned with Common Core Standards and proven effective through research, the FasTrack® Fundamentals program achieves key competencies that insure student success. Weekly classes are held for two-hours over 96 weeks. The standardized curriculum provides the flexibility that promotes student attendance through integration in preschool settings during the day, as an after school program or during the weekend.

    FasTracKids english

    FasTrack® English – This FasTrack early literacy program teaches English as a Second or Foreign Language (ESL or EFL) to children between the ages of 3 – 8 years old. Additionally, the program can be used for foundational literacy skills to native English speakers. This standardized curriculum focuses on vocabulary building and basic communication skills. Throughout the 3-year program, FasTrack English prepares children for standard English exams through games, songs and activities while also developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Children attend FasTrack English classes twice a week for one-hour or once a week for 90-minutes.

    FasTracKids Camps & Summer Programs

    FasTrack® Camps & Summer Programs – Keeping students engaged and active while on school vacation or during holiday breaks is the focus of FasTrack Camps. FasTrack Camps keeps children cognitively stimulated, which makes transition back to formal school easier at the end of the holiday. These camps keeps children actively engaged for three hours a day, five days a week and covers topics such as world geography, art and sports. Children between the ages of 3 – 8 years that are on a holiday or school break can attend five-day or single day FasTrack Camps.


    How do I start the process of learning more about a FasTracKids franchise opportunity?

    You can make a call to +1 303.224.0200 and one of our Directors of Franchise Development will begin the conversation with you. Or you can complete the form located on this page and we will contact you by phone or email to begin the process. Learn more about the Discovery Process

    Are training and support available to me as a franchisee?

    Yes and yes. FasTracKids actually offers a day-and-a-half of business operations training BEFORE you make the final decision to sign the agreement. There is a total of 10 days of initial operations and instructor training as well as on-going support as you prepare to open your business. Franchisees continue to build their skills at international and regional franchise meetings. An additional 5 days of training will be given to Master Franchisees.

    Does FasTracKids assist with financing?

    Not directly. In the U.S., FasTracKids is a Small Business Administration approved franchise which assists franchisees who may be applying for a SBA loan.

    What is the cost of opening a FasTracKids franchise?

    Individuals interested in our education franchise opportunity can expect their initial investment to be approximately $48,197 – $200,797, depending on the real estate selected. Master Franchisee fees vary depending on territory size.

    How long will it take me to open my FasTracKids business?

    While there are a few variables to opening such as finding a location and hiring and training staff, most FasTracKids franchisees aim for a Grand Opening within 60 and 180 days from the time they signed the agreement.

    What happens after I submit my online application?

    You will receive an email confirmation and a Director of Franchise Development will contact you.


    Aline Aymes: Enrichment Center Franchisee since 2003 (Guadalajara, Mexico) “What I really love about my FasTracKids business is that I think I am serving my community in a way. I think I am creating new leaders for tomorrow. I really enjoy what I do. This is my passion. I believe in children, I believe in the program and I think it was my best decision to choose this franchise as my business.”

    Article: Young set is the target for franchisors who believe in early start (read)