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Children are born scientists with curious minds, they investigate every facet of life.

FasTracKids takes advantage of a child’s natural curiosity and investigative nature and inspires their minds to explore the world around them. Our FasTracKids Science Enrichment Program is Designed for children ages 6-8 years old (1st – 3rd Grade).

By using hands-on, interactive, inquiry based approach to teaching, FasTracKids inspires children to discover the wonders of Science. Our goal is to make learning exciting and “Cleverly Disguised as Fun!”  Children work in collaborative groups and are encouraged to communicate their findings through video-taped presentations. They develop superb skills and bring that enthusiasm and knowledge home with them so the learning continues.

Join FasTrack Science as we explore Biology, Geography, Astronomy,Technology and Physics.

Earth Science

Earth Science: Treasures of the Earth

Oceanographers and cartographers abound in this scientific series as students explore the depths of the oceans to discover how islands are created.  Hands on experiments and interactive games allow children to investigate the wonders of weather and climatology.  Young scientists will examine the earth’s natural resources and be challenged to create new methods of preserving these precious raw materials.

Astronomy: Exploring the Cosmos

Embrace young astronomers’ dreams of exploring space and flying through the sky.  In this unit, students will begin to understand the concept of spaceflight as they soar through the cosmos. Students learn about the sun, moon, stars and other objects in the sky various constellations.   No flight program would be complete without the exploration of our solar system and a visit to  each of the planets.  Collaborating with classmates, students recreate the rigorous routines of becoming an astronaut.

What's The Matter?

What’s the Matter?

Our FasTrack scientist will explore the mysteries of molecules and magnets. Students will perform experiments and connect with various on-line media in order understand the scientific  building blocks of our world.


Biology: Life and Ecology Lab

Young biologists will be fascinated as they learn about the human body’s organs and systems .  Hands on activity and interactive games allow students to visit and become familiar with various animals and their habitats.   As a part of the study of the world’s ecosystem, young scientists learn about diverse plant life.


Water Wonders

Young scientists will discover the importance of water and its many uses.  Students will discover the many uses of water from recreational uses to its importance in commerce.  Scientists will engage in hands on activities to reinforce the water cycle and water conservation.


Technology: Bytes & Bots

Young scientists today are surrounded by technology.  In this unit, students will develop a  the technology that exists all around them  every day .  Young scientists enrolled in this unit will explore the advances in medical technology and understand how to prepare for future inventions.  In another section, students become civil engineers and design streets, bridges and railways as they discover the wonders of technology in transportation.