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Bharti Malkani - Manhattan FasTracKids center director

Bharti Malkani

Bharti Malkani graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA. Finding a dearth of high quality education programs for her children, she was inspired to enter the education space and is proud to offer high quality early childhood programs at her Upper East and Upper West side locations.


150 West 72nd Street
2nd Floor

New York City, NY 10023

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What People Are Saying About Upper West Side FasTracKids

My 4 year old son attends the FasTrack Discoverers program and we love it: the program is fun and educational with a small class size, attentive teachers, nice location/equipment. I recommend it to all my mommy friends.

Mom of Kazuki
age 4, FasTracK Discoverers

My child has been a fan from the get-go and continues to rave about her teacher and how much fun she is. Her excitement and enthusiasm says it all. The environment is warm, student/teacher ratio is spot on AND I love that the class is 1.5 hours long so I can run errands and be productive too!

Mom of Madelyn
age 4, FasTracKids STE(A)M

My son loves his math sessions and particularly the critical thinking math booklets. His math skills are now above grade level which gives him a great deal of confidence. He enjoys seeing the same kids during his session and is kept motivated by earning stickers and rewards. I like that this is fun for him and not an isolating experience as I have seen at other places.

Mom of Neel
age 9, math program