International Students on Visas

We help parents of international students and students on visas.

Seeking education for international students?

Can’t get your child into private OR public school?

You’re not alone. We hear many stories about international students traveling with their parents all around the world missing out on education. While travel is great worldly exposure for the child, academics may fall short because of short term living situations. Our academic tutoring and enrichment programs are the perfect solution for international students and students on visas.

international students

Academic Programs for Traveling International Students

Our Math enrichment program will keep your child sharp while traveling. Additionally, our Reading & Writing enrichment program can help their English speaking and comprehension for both native and ESL children.

Visiting NYC or Brooklyn for an extended stay? Want your child to keep learning?

Enroll in any of our tutoring and enrichment programs to keep your child’s brain active and engaged while traveling. It might be hard to stay in one place, but FasTracKids offers short and long term programs for children of all ages.

International Student Videos

Since FasTracKids is international, we can enrich students from all walks of life. Check out these videos. They are from the latest international FasTracKids video contest.

View all international student videos on YouTube