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Congrats on taking the quiz. Just knowing if your child is ready or not can provide some relief.

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A message from Regional Director, Franco Verdino:

Our G&T 101: FasTracKids STE(A)M Enrichment Program is a research based system designed to develop a young child’s “Gifts & Talents”.

Our organization has been running the FasTracKids program in NYC for 13 years and has tremendous experience and an amazing track record with helping children to get accepted in NYC Gifted and Talented Programs.  The program has been specifically designed to develop the skills, traits and characteristics of gifted children starting at an early age.  Skills such as high-level vocabulary, (aka:IQ,) communication skills, leadership skills, critical thinking skills, etc.  These skill are easily learned when children are exposed at an early age.

The most difficult portion of the Gifted and Talented Test in NYC is the OLSAT (Verbal Critical Thinking Section).  This require children focus, follow directions, have a high level (above ones age group)  vocabulary base, as well as critical thinking skills.  Children who do poorly on these tests lack in these areas as their early childhood education tend to underestimate their learning abilities, teaches basic knowledge, and  is not designed to help children focus in a classroom setting as many early childhood programs are play only based.  The FasTracKids Program teaches children the necessary skills and vocabulary to success by teaching through play. (Learning Cleverly Designed as fun).

In our Learning centers throughout NYC FasTracKids Core Students start as early as age 3 (aka: Gifted & Talented 101, the foundation),  the next step (Gifted and Talented 102) is our Gifted and Talented Test Prep Program.  Children who undertake both of these programs consistently get accepted into City Wide Gifted and Talented Programs as they score 98’s and 99’s pretty consistently.

To learn more, see our program brochure, please click on this link: https://ftkny.com/classes/fastrackids-steam-class/