Staten Island Chess Club

Come Join The Staten Island FasTracKids Chess Club 2023!

Chess Club participants will sharpen their tactical skills through puzzles and learn tips & tricks throughout the classes.

Beginner students will learn the basics and quickly be equipped to play a chess game. Beginner and intermediate students alike will advance through lectures, puzzles, and quizzes.

Class Locations:


Program Tuition Rates

Lessons: $150 Per Month – 4 Lessons Each Month 1 Hour Each Lesson

Private 1:1 Lessons – $250 Per Month

Chess Lesson Benefits:

  • Sharpens critical thinking
  • Instills confidence
  • Develop patience
  • Think first, act second

Meet The Instructor

Alan’s experience includes tournament competitions and teaching; from pre-schoolers to senior citizens!

A CUNY CSI student, he enjoys writing, studying Political Science and Philosophy, and playing guitar (oh, and of course not to forget video games).

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