Sheepshead Bay Chess Club

Come Join The Sheepshead Bay FasTracKids Chess Club 2023!

Participants will gain a competitive edge in this unique Sheepshead Bay Chess Club experience, where they can hone their tactical prowess through stimulating puzzles and explore helpful tips. 

No matter the skill level, there is something to be gained here; those unfamiliar with chess pieces get introduced to the basics while more practiced members sharpen their strategy abilities via lectures, puzzling quizzes and insightful tricks.

Class Location:

1605 Voorhies Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11235


Program Tuition Rates


$150 Per Month – 4 Lessons Each Month 1 Hour Each

Private 1:1 Lessons – $250 Per Month

Chess Lesson Benefits:

  • Sharpens critical thinking
  • Instills confidence
  • Develop patience
  • Think first, act second

Meet The Instructor

Alan’s experience includes tournament competitions and teaching; from pre-schoolers to senior citizens!

A CUNY CSI student, he enjoys writing, studying Political Science and Philosophy, and playing guitar (oh, and of course not to forget video games).

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