East Village Manhattan Chess Club

Come Join The East Village FasTracKids Chess Club 2023!

Participants of the Chess Club in East Village, Manhattan, will hone their strategic abilities by solving chess puzzles and gaining valuable insights during the sessions.

Those new to the game will be introduced to the fundamental principles and swiftly prepared to engage in an actual chess match. Both novice and intermediate level students will progress through a mix of enlightening lectures, stimulating puzzles, and challenging quizzes.

Class Locations:

East Village – Manhattan

Program Tuition Rates

Lessons: $150 Per Month – 4 Lessons Each Month 1 Hour Each Lesson

Private 1:1 Lessons – $250 Per Month

Chess Lesson Benefits:

  • Sharpens critical thinking
  • Instills confidence
  • Develop patience
  • Think first, act second

Meet The Instructor

Hi, my name is Vincent and I currently work as a Data Analyst in New York and working towards my masters degree.

I am an avid chess player, and have been tutoring K-12 for the past 7 years across different charter schools across NYC. In 2019, I was able to secure 8 spots for my students in the Marshall Chess Club in Manhattan and win 1st place for overall performance. Ranging from beginner players with no chess knowledge to advanced players, I coach students of all backgrounds towards success.


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