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Nick really enjoys the English program and I can see a huge leap in his ability to read. He is excited to go to class and has fun! The facilities are great and the teacher student ratio is very low 3:1.

Mom of Nicolas
age 5, English Program

My husband and I made a last minute decision to enroll our 5 yr old son in FasTracKids GT prep course. The staff was extremely helpful and flexible in scheduling his sessions, in order to prepare him for his fast-approaching test date. His teachers were beyond amazing; they were patient, diligent and simply cared. The net of this, our son took the test and qualified for GT classes. Thank you FasTracKids.

Arlene S.

The whole reason I’ve felt compelled to write a review is because our son and daughter have started a full day daycare program on the days when they aren’t here. We picked the best place we could find, but it’s still not on the same level has this Clover Prep / JEI.  Our daughter will be 2.5 this fall and she will start the pre-school alternative program here and stick with it for at least two years prior to NYC pre-school. This place is well worth the money, you should definitely check them out.

Andrew V.

Not only is the program great but the staff is personable and are great with the kids- to me that’s above all else! Great job to all the teacher’s from the event! you managed to turn two boys who would rather eat mud than study into two believers! 🙂 we look forward to having them start!

Limor S.

My son enjoys learning at FasTracKids.  Last night he asked me if I knew what the heaviest bone in the body was called. There is a “Smart Board”, great student/teacher ratio and a warm feeling in the room. I highly recommend this class for the little one’s that are new to the big school experience. Snacks are served and you can even have a hidden camera peak at the goings on inside.

Lilia M.

I brought my daughter here and they helped her tremendously.  Everyone is nice and interested in helping the kids learn and grow.  My daughter actually looks forward to coming!

Marie L.

My daughter attends this center. It is always clean, warm and welcoming. The staff places every child on a high pedestal. Each child receives an outstanding amount of attention. This center brings out the best in all of the children.

This is Chloe’s mother, Hana. Chloe scored 99th percentile on G&T testing.  She could not get this result without you.  I am applying her for Citywide schools! Thank you!
Hana C.

Seher has done the fastrackids core program when she was 4 years old. It’s a lovely program. We had a great experience with Miss Ruchi who is very warm with Seher in making her feel comfortable. I strongly recommend this program.


My son loves his math sessions and particularly the critical thinking math booklets. His math skills are now above grade level which gives him a great deal of confidence. He enjoys seeing the same kids during his session and is kept motivated by earning stickers and rewards. I like that this is fun for him and not an isolating experience as I have seen at other places.

Mom of Neel
age 9, math program

We love this school and so does our 2 year old. I couldn’t imagine anything better than this! The teachers are amazing! They are caring, loving, creative and educational. Ms. Milana and Ms. Karen’s class for the 2 year olds is simply great. They love the kids and teach them so much more than we’d ever expected. Our son goes to school happy every day and doesn’t want to go home at the end of the day, and that says everything 🙂

Adi S.

The school is so neat & very clean. Once we enter, we can feel the warm atmosphere & the politeness by the enormous greetings from everyone at the school. The director took us on a tour for our first visit.

Vivian P.

My 4 year old son attends the FasTrack Discoverers program and we love it: the program is fun and educational with a small class size, attentive teachers, nice location/equipment. I recommend it to all my mommy friends.

Mom of Kazuki
age 4, FasTracK Discoverers

We love the way they teach the children using the interactive Smartboard. Its so much more advanced than preschool. They have so many different classes to offer we also took advantage of the Gifted and Talented prep course.

Jason P.

The full program at FasTracKids has provided an advanced level of learning that is clearly evident in our children. We are very lucky to have found Mrs. Costa & the fantastic group of people that make this Fastrackids so special.

Patricia S.

Fastrackids is great! My daughter is much more social and more well-rounded since she started the program. I would recommend fastrackids for any kid.


I highly recommend this program not just for learning of different subject like economics, theater, science and etc. but also to develop the confidence in themselves and public speaking. My daughter loved attending classes.

Luba G.

My daughter has been taking courses here for the past 2 years. I am satisfied with results. Very professional, result-oriented staff, pleasant environment designed for children to excel in English and Math.

Lev V.

We love the way they teach the children using the interactive Smartboard. Its so much more advanced than preschool. They have so many different classes to offer we also took advantage of the Gifted and Talented prep course.

FasTracKids in Park Slope is definitely worth checking out. Their facilities are brand new and state of the art. Their classes provide extra develpment outside of what standard preK/elementary schools offer.

Brooke B.

My daughters have been with FasTracKids/ JEI for over 2 years. FasTracKids curriculum is beyond what a kid at 3-5 years old is normally exposed to. Not only did my daughters learn a lot of interesting things but they are socialized in loving and nurturing environment. Ms. Ruchi is a super star who makes learning a fun experience. All of their teachers are well educated and nurturing.


My girls love fastrackids. They learn a lot and have lots of fun at the same time. They look forward to going to class every Saturday. Thank you fastrackids!


Brought kids to a party here and was immediately impressed by the state of the art facility, classrooms and teaching staff. The teachers were very attentive and throughout the entire time engaged the kids in arts, crafts, exercises that all served to stimulate the mind and body. The kids had a blast!

Diane Y.

Each child receives an outstanding amount of attention. This center brings out the best in all of the children. While my daughter has been attending, I have been able to see not only her but all of the children grow in many ways.

Teresa P.

The staff at Evolution Enrichment Center (LES location) are warm, friendly and reliable — the facilities are immaculate and well-maintained. It was so nice to see the children’s artwork displayed like a museum throughout the facilities.

Raphy M.

Thank you for having such a wonderful place for our children to learn and grow. Also thank you all for assisting with nurturing them with the wisdom for each and everyone of them to have the greatest future possible.

Jamie T.

Thank you for having such a wonderful place for our children to learn and grow. Also thank you all for assisting with nurturing them with the wisdom for each and everyone of them to have the greatest future possible.

I can’t say enough great things about our experience with FasTracKids. They provide such a warm and fun environment for my son to learn. He is always saying “I love school!” and can’t wait to run into the classroom when he arrives. He comes home singing the songs they learned and can’t wait to report back about all the things they did that day.

Anne R.

My son had a wonderful experience this summer.  We were just speaking about it this weekend.  The summer camp at FasTracKids will forever be embedded in his memory.


My child has been a fan from the get-go and continues to rave about her teacher and how much fun she is. Her excitement and enthusiasm says it all. The environment is warm, student/teacher ratio is spot on AND I love that the class is 1.5 hours long so I can run errands and be productive too!

Mom of Madelyn
age 4, FasTracKids STE(A)M

First and foremost, the Center Director is simply terrific with all the kids AND their parents. He is attentive and caring. He hires excellent staff and makes sure that they care about education as much as he does.

Gunce A.

Our daughter was fortunate enough to score 99 on the exam and is now in a wonderful G&T program that she loves. We were so impressed with this program and the teacher, Daisy, that we are now signing up our son for the 3 year old Explorer program in the Fall of 2014 as his first educational experience.

Satisfied Parent

Ms. Angelica & Ms. Ruthie are wonderful teachers. They are kind and nurture to all the children. The quality of care and the work that this school provide to our child is excellent & we will continue to enroll her as long as we can.

Vivian I.

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About FasTracKids New York City

FasTracKids offers programs and classes for children ages 2-14.  Our center operates two flagship programs, including the FasTracKids Core Program & the Academic MathReading, Writing, and English Tutoring and Enrichment Programs.

FasTracKids Core Enrichment is based on the belief that most children are potentially gifted if provided with the proper intellectual and creative stimulation early on. We offer a two hour per week, two year enrichment program that enhances a child’s development and can be used in addition to a child’s regular preschool, Pre-K, or kindergarten.

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Our Academic Tutoring & Enrichment Math and Reading, Writing and English Programs are expertly crafted academics development tutoring & enrichment programs, starting with a course intended for four year olds and continuing on until the end of middle school.  Through a unique combination of expertly crafted learning materials, individualized curriculum, small group “mastery” teaching, and a step-by-step approach, our academic tutoring & enrichment program has proven to be one of the world’s most successful supplemental education programs serving over 3.0 million children worldwide!

FasTracKids also offers a Preschool Program for children ages 2-5 years old called Explorers and Discoverers, as well as a Science Program for more advanced students, ages 6-9.

Because of our unique experience in educating some of New York City’s brightest children with our own in-house “Gifted & Talented” Programs, we have crafted a highly effective gifted and talented test preparation program for students in grades K-3rd who are seeking entrance into such programs.

In the summer, we offer a unique academic / arts & science enrichment program. This program allows children to beat the summer brain drain by providing a multifaceted enrichment learning experience, all while still maintaining a fun and exciting summer adventure for children where there is no homework or test taking.  This program offers flexible attendance options and is quite affordable.

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