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"Mom, do you know why I
know so much at school?"

"It's because I go to FasTracKids!"
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A summer adventure, NYC and Brooklyn tutoring and enrichment camp and programs.

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About FasTracKids New York City

FasTracKids offers programs and classes for children ages 2-14.  Our center operates two flagship programs, including the FasTracKids Core Program & the Academic Tutoring & Enrichment, Math and Reading & Writing Program.

FasTracKids Core Enrichment is based on the belief that most children are potentially gifted if provided with the proper intellectual and creative stimulation early on. We offer a two hour per week, two year enrichment program that enhances a child’s development and can be used in addition to a child’s regular preschool, Pre-K, or kindergarten.

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Our Academic Tutoring & Enrichment Math and Reading & Writing Program is an expertly crafted academics development tutoring & enrichment program, starting with a course intended for four year olds and continuing on until the end of middle school.  Through a unique combination of expertly crafted learning materials, individualized curriculum, small group “mastery” teaching, and a step-by-step approach, our Academic Tutoring & Enrichment program has proven to be one of the world’s most successful supplemental education programs serving over 3.0 million children worldwide!

FasTracKids also offers a Preschool Alternative Program for children ages 2-5 years old called Explorers and Discoverers, as well as a Science Program for more advanced students, ages 6-9.

Because of our unique experience in educating some of New York City’s brightest children with our own in-house “Gifted & Talented” Programs, we have crafted a highly effective gifted and talented test preparation program for students in grades K-3rd who are seeking entrance into such programs.

In the summer, we offer a unique academic / arts & science enrichment program. This program allows children to beat the summer brain drain by providing a multifaceted enrichment learning experience, all while still maintaining a fun and exciting summer adventure for children where there is no homework or test taking.  This program offers flexible attendance options and is quite affordable.

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FasTracKids’ Offers Early Age STEM Classes

In a recent Chicago Tribune article, GoldieBlox’s CEO Debbie Sterling says to “Introduce girls to STEM at an early age through toys and media[…]” She says this because 66 percent of fourth-grade girls say they like science and math, but only 18 percent of

Integrating Fun & Learning

Increasingly, schools are trying to re-integrate play into kindergartens as noted by a recent NY Times article, “Kindergartens Ringing the Bell for Play Inside the Classroom”.  Our pre-school alternative is way ahead of the competition. Incorporating fun and learning is at

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What People Are Saying

Thank you for having such a wonderful place for our children to learn and grow. Also thank you all for assisting with nurturing them with the wisdom for each and everyone of them to have the greatest future possible.
NY enrichment programs
We love the way they teach the children using the interactive Smartboard. Its so much more advanced than preschool. They have so many different classes to offer we also took advantage of the Gifted and Talented prep course.
NY enrichment programs
Our daughter was fortunate enough to score 99 on the exam and is now in a wonderful G&T program that she loves. We were so impressed with this program and the teacher, Daisy, that we are now signing up our son for the 3 year old Explorer program in the Fall of 2014 as his first educational experience.
NY enrichment programs
The school is so neat & very clean. Once we enter, we can feel the warm atmosphere & the politeness by the enormous greetings from everyone at the school. The director took us on a tour for our first visit.
NY enrichment programs
I can’t say enough great things about our experience with FasTracKids. They provide such a warm and fun environment for my son to learn. He is always saying “I love school!” and can’t wait to run into the classroom when he arrives. He comes home singing the songs they learned and can’t wait to report back about all the things they did that day.
NY enrichment programs