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Unlock Your Child’s Gifted Potential

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What Parents Are Saying

My 2 year old son is in the preschool classes FasTracKids Explorers. He loves learning and is having a great time. I love the kid friendly professional environment, amazing gifted teachers and the hands-on interactive approach to learning. We’re looking forward to the science program in fall. Excellent place to enroll your child if you want them to catch up or get ahead, gain critical thinking, analytical and problem solving skills.

Katrina R.
Staten Island

Both of my children, ages 4&3, attend the FasTracKids program and love it.  As parents, we can both see that they are learning and enjoying it.  My son has come so far since the program has started and my daughter is blossoming as well. We love the way they teach the children using the interactive Smartboard.  Its so much more advanced than preschool.  They have so many different classes to offer we also took advantage of the Gifted and Talented prep course.

Jason P.
Sheepshead Bay

My son went to their preschool program this past year and has loved going every day.  They have a busy day learning, singing, playing and doing artwork.  The teachers are sweet and patient and my son loved seeing them every day he went.  My only wish is that they offered longer days.  I highly recommend sending your preschooler to FasTracKids.

Kelly M.
Park Slope

If you are looking for a pre-school in Williamsburg for your 2 or 3 year old, where you want them to feel challenged, excited and motivated, look no further. This is the right place. Ayla loved it. I loved it for her. And would recommend the program to anyone who values education with absolutely no hesitation.

Gunce A.

Meet Brittany, FasTracKids Williamsburg Teacher

Meet Franco, FasTracKids Regional Director

About FasTracKids New York City

FasTracKids offers programs and classes for children ages 2-14.  Our centers operate two flagship programs, including the G&T 101: FasTracKids STEAM Enrichment & the Academic MathReading, Writing, and English Tutoring and Enrichment Programs.

FasTracKids Core Enrichment is based on the belief that most children are potentially gifted if provided with the proper intellectual and creative stimulation early on. We offer a two hour per week, two year enrichment program that enhances a child’s development and can be used in addition to a child’s regular preschool, Pre-K, or kindergarten.

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Our Academic Tutoring & Enrichment Math and Reading, Writing and English Programs are expertly crafted academics development tutoring & enrichment programs, starting with a course intended for four year olds and continuing on until the end of middle school.  Through a unique combination of expertly crafted learning materials, individualized curriculum, small group “mastery” teaching, and a step-by-step approach, our academic tutoring & enrichment program has proven to be one of the world’s most successful supplemental education programs serving over 3.0 million children worldwide!

FasTracKids also offers a Preschool Program for children ages 2-5 years old called Explorers and Discoverers, as well as a Science Program for more advanced students, ages 6-9.

Because of our unique experience in educating some of New York City’s brightest children with our own in-house “Gifted & Talented” Programs, we have crafted a highly effective gifted and talented test preparation program for students in grades K-3rd who are seeking entrance into such programs.

In the summer, we offer a unique academic / arts & science enrichment program. This program allows children to beat the summer brain drain by providing a multifaceted enrichment learning experience, all while still maintaining a fun and exciting summer adventure for children where there is no homework or test taking.  This program offers flexible attendance options and is quite affordable.

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FTKny.com Blog

Read What This Queens NYC Principal Wrote About G&T 101

Ever wondered what public or private schools think of our G&T 101: Gifted & Talented program? We just received a glowing review from Principal Brody at P.S. 87 Queens. The NYC Principal attended two days of training on the FasTracKids program and met Amy, Marketing Director of FasTracKids International. Principal Brody writes: The material is sophisticated yet presented in a fun and animated format. [The children’s] ability to socialize and communicate has significantly developed. Read the full letter below and schedule a free trial class at you nearest location today!

Top Gifted & Talented Test Prep Course for OLSAT in NYC

Our G&T 101 class prepares children for the OLSAT portion of the NYC Gifted & Talented Entrance Exam better than any other class in the city!  The importance of preparing for the OLSAT portion of the test. Over my many years of preparing children for entrance into NYC’s top schools, we have seen thousands of scores come back from families. The majority of these scores scored very high on the NNAT2 portion with 90s and 100s, but where children had the greatest degree of difficulty was on … Continue reading

Going Back To School in New York City and Brooklyn 2016

As New York City goes back to school, here at FTKny.com we’ve been preparing for students new and returning. Our Fall 2016 offerings are our best yet. While we were wrapping up a record-setting summer, we launched our Gifted & Talented Readiness Quiz. This is a free tool to help parents determine if their child is ready for the New York City Gifted & Talented Entrance Exam. FTKny.com was the first to offer a complete Gifted and Talented test prep course to the NYC metropolitan area. Learn … Continue reading

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