Exciting New Virtual Camp

Now Enrolling For Our All New Virtual Summer Camp!

2 exciting virtual camp options for your children this summer!

FasTracKids Summer STEAM + Math & English Enrichment
 Ages 5-9 Years Old   
  • Our FasTracKids Summer STE(A)M Academy is educational and fun.
  • 10 different weekly themes like Marine Biology,  and Astronomy!
  • Sign up for one week or all ten…the weeks do not have to be consecutive!

Topics Covered:

  • Freelance Travel Photographer 📷
  • Marine Biologist 🐟
  • Geologist 🗿
  • Artists & Clay Masters 🎨
  • Astronomers 🌟
  • Broadway Stars 🎤
  • Travel Reporter
  • Paleontology
  • Forensic Scientists

Maximum 8 students per instructor in science classes

Now including Math & English Enrichment!

All Virtual Math & English Instruction is in 2:1 student to teacher ratio maximum. 

Ensuring each student gets the attention they need! 

Summer STEAM Camp: $395.00 per week

*Multi-Week Discounts Available

Musical theater (Featuring Blair Lord) + Math & English Enrichment
 Ages 7-13 Years Old
  • Craft your very own musical show.
  • Get creative and learn the ins and outs of being creator and performer.
  • Keep school related skills sharp with supplemental math & English enrichment.
  • Sign up for one week or all ten…the weeks do not have to be consecutive!

This summer, children ages 7 to 13 are invited to join our Virtual Creative Theater Camp. Campers will write and perform a short musical in a week with 10 weeks and shows to choose from. There will be 5 camp sessions for each week-long production. Groups of up to 8 participants will work together one and a half hours per day to adapt a popular folktale with dialogue, songs and costumes of their own making. On the last day, they will put on their show to be recorded and shared online and with family.

Led by Ms. Blair, our campers will learn the important elements of storytelling–plot, characters, setting, drama, expression–and how to incorporate language and music into a performance. Commitment is key: everyone will be expected to listen, focus and collaborate with the teacher and fellow performers and complete assigned tasks between camp sessions. We all play a part in bringing the show to life! Parents are encouraged to assist with at-home rehearsal and simple costume assembly. Our goal is to inspire children to explore their ability to create, communicate, cooperate, lead and achieve. Don’t miss out on this special theatrical experience!

Musical Theatre Camp: $495.00 per week

*Multi-Week Discounts Available

Meet The Instructor

Hello, everyone! I’m Miss Blair Lord, and I’ll be leading our Virtual Musical Theater and Creative Arts Camp at FasTracKids and Eye Level. I hope you’re as excited as I am for summer to come so we can join in the fun of crafting our own musical show. Let’s see what we can achieve together as creators and performers!

I’ve been teaching classes (English, math, test prep, STEAM) at FasTracKids and Eye Level Upper East Side for two years, and I’ve taught and tutored students of all ages for twelve years.

I have a master’s degree in fine arts for Creative Writing and a minor in Vocal Performance. Having acted and sung throughout my school years, then mounted a children’s musical as Assistant Camp Director of Ministry of the Arts for Trinity Church in Rhode Island, I know first-hand what a positive influence music and drama have on a child’s development. As a teacher, I love helping students nurture their knowledge, critical thinking and creativity. I want each of them to acquire and use new ideas and skills to create something, such as a story or a performance. Children need opportunities to deepen their understanding of the world and their own abilities, talents and passions. That’s what our campers will set out to do each week of Summer 2020. I’m looking forward to this theatrical adventure with you!

Week 1 (Jun. 29-July 3): Rumpelstiltskin  
Week 2 (July 6-July 10): Anansi
Week 3 (July 13-July 17): Little Red Riding Hood
Week 4 (July 20-July 24): The Whiny Turtle
Week 5 (July 27-July 31): Goldilocks
Week 6 (Aug. 3-Aug. 7): The Patient Elephant
Week 7 (Aug. 10-Aug. 14): Cinderella
Week 8 (Aug. 17-Aug. 21): The Magic Mirror
Week 9 (Aug. 24-Aug. 28): Robin Hood
Week 10 (Aug. 31-Sept. 4): The Island of the Sun

Now including Math & English Enrichment to keep your child sharp!

All Virtual Math & English Instruction is in 2:1 student to teacher ratio maximum. 

Ensuring each student gets the attention they need! 

Pricing & Sign up Information

Camp Pricing Information:

Musical Theatre Camp: $495.00 per week

FTK Summer Steam Camp: $395.00 per week

Discounts Available!

Sign up for 4 weeks or more – 10%

Sign up for 8 weeks or more – 15%

Sibling Discount is 10% off for the second child 

*Includes all Math and English workbooks and an initial assessment before the camp starts.