STEM+ Class by FasTracKids (Ages 3 - 7)

STEM Infused Preschool: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math + Art, Music & More!

STEM+ (verbalized as “stem plus”) is a STEM-based preschool for ages 3-7 year olds. Unique, inclusive, and creative: FasTracKids’ STEM+ class takes conventional school and learning to new heights. 

Talent is innate, but genius demands early cultivation. FasTracKids STEM+ Preschool is the ONLY preschool preparatory program with an everyday ‘learning through play’ model and philosophies that instill necessary STE(A)M skills.  FasTracKids STEM+ Preschool; where the saplings of young genius grow to forest the future.

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Park Slope STEM
Preschool Center

Call: 718-260-8100
Visit: 150 4th Ave. Brooklyn NY 11217

Sheepshead Bay STEM
Preschool Center

Call: 718-891-5437
Visit: 1605 Voorhies Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11235

Our STEM+ Preschool offers a diverse array of arts focused enrichment programming.

Creative and fun, play based, curricula introduce fundamentals of Robotics, Math, Science, and the Fine Arts. Fun + Education = AWESOME! 

With frolicking at the forefront, science and math enrichment  is artfully weaved throughout each and every lesson.  FasTracKids STEM+ Preschool students gain proficiency in: Baby Robotics, Early Programming Basics,  Conceptual Arithmetic, Creative Design. All this, administered by our qualified teachers and friendly techniques.  

Children are effortlessly introduced to an array of branded programs such as: “Handwriting Without Tears”;  “Zig-zagging” Study Stylz; Theme-Based Lesson Bonuses; and Gifted & Talented Readiness Warm Up.

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With Mathematics Mastery as a top priority,

the FTK staff of educated teachers direct a diverse body of eager students in:

  • Robotics off Roading;
  • Conceptual Mathematics
  • Science Scholarship
  • Technology Tots training
  • FUN Fine Arts Application and Appreciation;
  • Gifted and Talented Training and Tune-Ups;
  • Fine Motor Skill Finesse;
  • ZIgZag learning modules;
  • and Social life skill centering daily lessons in
    • Empathy
    • Mini-Mind Mindfulness
    • Sharing 4 Success
    • Better World Building
    • Multicultural Centered Experiences
    • Listening To Other Curious Kiddos.

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FasTrack families prioritize equally their children’s happiness and academic acceleration.  FTK parents value their children’s talents. They are hip, play focused, and creative, knowing well that an early no-stress introduction Math and Science is essential to lifelong learning.

STE(A)M comes alive in days full of play and smiles. FTK exclusive Play-Based teaching techniques.  (STEM is a popular Education Philosophy focused on Science, Engineering, & Mathematics. STEM+  ups the game – incorporating the Arts as an essential aspect of school life, work life, life life.
Don’t leave the classroom without it!)

Now Featuring: Robotics by Cublelets

Click here to watch a video
about Cubelets, by modrobotics.

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FasTracKids STEM+ Preschool Philosophy and Research

We take enrichment education to heart. Strong verbal communication skills and real world critical thinking take center stage in our acclaimed program. FasTracKids developed from leading international educators like Dr. Debeer and Jean Piget. Click here to read more about our philosophy.

Our program is backed by a formal measured study by Wellesley College. Statistical and real-life evidence confirms the FasTracKids STEM class’ “Educational ZigZagging” approach produces well rounded, academically focused and happy students. Our program also helps students prepare for gifted and talented exams through lessons across subject areas – art, science, engineering, mathematics and technology.

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Our classes are available at multiple New York City locations, including Park Slope and Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn. Please see all locations below.

Small class sizes and a 6:1 Teacher/Kiddo Ratio enures all FasTrack Kids are catered to, cultivated, and celebrated.

Watch with wide-eyed wonder from the FasTrack Parent Lounge. Not just for relaxing! The FTK Parent Lounge offers families and caregivers a front-row seat to FasTrack fun. Look on with awe: “WOW! Look at that?! How did they do that? Is that my child? Are you REALLY supposed to have THAT much fun while learning?!” (YOU’LL want to go back to PreSchool?!)  

Sensitive to budding attention spans and young bodies’ and brains’ need for ample rebooting time – FTK STEM+ Preschool is a morning half-day program. An equal dose of school and family time serves the overall health and happiness of even the most vivacious tiny-genius!

FasTrack the future. Fortify success. Fuel your child’s talent. Your registration is the ticket to tomorrow. See you in class!

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