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Is your child ready to take the NYC Gifted & Talented Entrance Exam?

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For Children ages 3-7 years old.

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    Back To School Fall Classes

    G&T 101: FasTracKids STE(A)M Enrichment Class

    The first step toward acing the G&T test.

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    G&T 102: Gifted & Talented Test Prep Course

    NYC’s first complete G&T Test Prep course.

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    Academic Tutoring & Enrichment

    Amplify your child’s academic experience.

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    FasTracKids Preschool Alternative

    Play-based learning for your little explorer.

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    Handwriting Without Tears

    Learning to write is still a crucial skill!

    handwriting class - new york city

    NY State Math & ELA Test Prep

    Comprehensive test prep.


    FasTracKids Science

    Young scientists experiment.

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    TACHS & SHSAT Prep

    Give your child the edge they need to succeed.

    SHSAT test prep nyc brooklyn queens staten island

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