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FTKny’s expert tutors in Dyker Heights provide unparalleled customized instruction. With small classroom sizes and one-on-one tutoring, children have all the resource too exceed their full potential at our learning centers.

In our dedication to helping your child be the best the best they can be, the FTKny Dyker Heights tutors provides classes for students from preschool to 14 years of age.

Children in Dyker Heights who study with us for 6 month can generally progress 1 grade level and children who commit to 12 month can improve up to 2 grade levels. Therefore, the longer you commit, the better the results and the more money you save!

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Our Dyker Heights Tutors Care

For all years in between, FTKny works with your child to make sure they maintain their scholastic performance. Our talented Dyker Heights tutoring staff is screened for their ability to relate to your pre-schooler, elementary or middle school student. They will work with your child every step of the way. We keep them on track to achieve their fullest potential. FTKny provides Dyker Heights tutoring students every educational tool they need for successful admission to prestigious higher learning.

Dyker Heights Academics

We know academics can be competitive in Dyker Heights and across the city. That’s why our tutors are constantly educating themselves, keeping up with the NYC DOE, Common Core standards and learning new teaching methods. We’re all about giving children the precise tutoring program they need for their individual success. 

Conveniently located for families in Bay Ridge, Fort Hamilton, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst and Bath Beach.

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Our tutoring services help children learn to read.

Our tutors care about your child’s academic success.

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Dyker Heights 13th Ave tutoring center

Victoria Lyons


7612 13th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11228

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