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Our G&T 101: Dyker Heights Gifted & Talented Program is the first step to acing the NYC Gifted & Talented Entrance Exam. The class is based on the belief that most children are potentially gifted if given proper intellectual and creative stimulation early-on.

Conveniently located for families in Bay Ridge, Fort Hamilton, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst and Bath Beach.

Our G&T 101: Gifted Talented Program is designed for students who yearn for more challenging and creativity outside the classroom. Admission is highly selective and enrollment is limited.

We provide gifted & talented students with a place to go where they can be themselves. The individual children of each class establishes the pace, teaching approach and scope of the classroom lessons. Our students learn about the world around them from their perspective and at their pace.

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Dyker Heights Gifted & Talented Program Features

  • Consistent, outstanding results: in 2015, 93% of our students qualified for G&T programs around the city. Of those, over 45% scored in the 99th percentile.
  • Experience: FasTracKids has been preparing children for entrance into the NYC G&T program since August 2003! Longer than any other service in NYC.
  • Extensive Scheduling Options: Test prep slots are available 7 days a week!
  • Accommodating Locations: We have 4 Brooklyn centers, 2 Queens centers, 3 Manhattan centers and 3 Staten Island centers.
  • Use of technology, manipulatives: Our G&T course is the only one in NYC to use SMART Boards, touch screen technology, and hands-on manipulatives to make the course and our instruction more engaging, relevant and varied for students.
  • Affordable Options: Whether you prefer 1:1 Private Tutoring or Group Classes, our centers offer both options.

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For children ages 3-7 years old.

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Unlock Your Child’s Gifted Potential

The essential attributes instilled by our G&T 101 and G&T 102 courses will determine if your child has the upper hand on the competition.

Trust the most experienced. Trust our alumni and parents who are continuously bringing more siblings, younger children and friends to our program each year. Your child only gets one chance a year and competition will only grow more and more vigorous. You want your child to ace their NYC gifted & talented entrance exam on the first try.

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Until a gifted child reaches kindergarten, our Dyker Heights gifted & talented program provides classes or private tutoring sessions to help supplement or replace his/her mainstream pre-school program. Enrichment tutoring or class sessions can be up to three hours in duration depending on your child’s needs.

Many parents can detect “giftedness” before their child turns three years old. Other families frequently miss the signs of giftedness and attempt to enroll their child in a mainstream pre-school program. After a short period of time, (sometimes a day), some parents suddenly realize that their child is “different” from their peers.

His/her academic performance surpasses most, if not all, of their other classmates. “Seasoned” or experienced pre-school teachers will also recognize these characteristics. Hopefully, they will contact you and ask for a meeting to discuss your child’s needs. This is when the “search” begins… looking for a program or school in New York City that will give your child what he/she needs.

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